Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Sound of Salzburg (aka 8 Guides caterwauling)

After our first full night’s sleep for a long long time, we rose early in anticipation of a “morning of music”, accompanied by ridiculously early church bells. At 9am, a bright red minibus arrived outside our hostel ready to whisk us away, and our Tour Guide Pedro (real name David) greeted us. We set off to see film locations around Salzburg with Pedro’s voice telling us random facts about the “Sound of Music” and Julie Andrews’ voice blaring out of the speakers. For example, did you know Gretl almost drowned falling into the lake outside the Von Trapp House? It was lovely being chauffeured everywhere and clear blue skies gave fantastic views over the Lake District near Salzburg. We had a quick ice cream pit stop next to a gorgeous clear bright blue sparkling lake, and then arrived at Mondsee, where the wedding scene from the film was shot in the cathedral. Our challenge for Austria was to recreate a scene from the film, so we pretended to be cuckoos on the steps and skipped around a fountain. Finally it was time to head back to Salzburg to pick up our bags and begin the long train journey to Prague, singing happily (crazily) all the way there.

It was a fantastic morning, but then I am a Sound of Music fanatic.

Onwards and Outwards!

Katie xx

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