Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Soggy feet...

Well today we were meant to be getting up at 8am but managed to all be up at 7am somehow.

After a leisurely breakfast we chilled out for a bit before heading off to the scout shop. The scout shop was located quite a way from the hostel and took about 45 minutes to walk to - up a lot of steps to the giant metronome which replaced the giant Stalin statue from the 60s.

We had a great time in the Scout shop looking at all the Czech badges and uniform! Rachel bought a dress and between us we bought several badges.

We then went across to the castle to see the changing of the guards - except we didn't quite make it and ended up sitting and having our pizza lunch instead!

From there we headed across to the fake Eiffel tower! After a pause part way to shelter from the rain! At the Eiffel tower we had a short browse around and then headed across to the mirror maze - which was a bit too easy :(

We took the funicular down (another form of transport - tick!) then went across to the Lennon Wall - where we had a look at all the spectacular graffiti - it was quite interesting. I think we're going to head across tomorrow with the paint to add our own - we think we're allowed!

After this we went across Charles' bridge to go shopping we all picked up various souveniers including some "Czech me out" t-shirts for Lizz, Amy and Harriet.

Lizz, Lydia and I went shopping for dinner - Omelette is on the menu tonight.

Other than being rather soggy another great Stampede day :)

Jennifer x

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