Monday, 9 August 2010

Goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen .... oops wrong country!

Today we woke up to our last day on the continent, later on this afternoon we fly back into Birmingham for the closing ceremony and to say goodbye to one another and the Ultimate Centenary Stampede 100. Today is a very packed one and so I am writing this blog from the Hostel just before we leave to visit the Hungarian Parliament as later on we will have no more internet facilities.

Another early start this morning in order to cram in last minute packing, blogging and of course the delicious waffles the hostel provides, using the excuse 'we're on holiday, and so we can eat what we like' bodes well when lots of yummy food is in front of us.

After breakfast, myself, Jennifer, Lizz and Rachel rushed out to the supermarket in order to grab lunch while some of the others blogged. We are about to head out to catch the Metro to Parliament, giving our feet a well deserved break. Our tour begins at 10 and lasts approximately 50 minutes and gives us an insight into the ways and history of the Hungarian Parliament, one of the prettiest buildings along the river and the whole of Budapest. After that will be a scramble in order to collect all our bags and head to the airport and we aim to get rid of all our spare change/notes at the airport on goodies :)

Thats all for now, Gemma calls :)

Amy x

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