Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hands-on fun!

After stumbling into the hostel at the 11th hour the previous night, we awoke to our first full day in Budapest. Our first sightseeing stop was the Market Hall, a jumble of noisy food and souvenir stalls and erm chicken heads, which Jennifer was happy and disgusted to point out at the same time. I even got to grips with a little bit of haggling, but it's possible the lady agreed to the price I offered a little too quickly.

We bought our lunch from various stalls and then made our way via a few sights to the House of Future science museum, where the exhibition we wanted to visit turned out to be a giant empty warehouse. Luckily there was a hands-on exhibition right next to it called the Palace of Miracles, where we rushed in and had fun playing with all the toys. Annoyingly there were a lot of children in the way. Some of the translations were a bit interesting and made the 'science' part harder than usual. All in all though, challenge number 15 completed successfully, only two more to do tomorrow!

We finally wandered back to the hostel via the train station (to buy our final train tickets to the airport boo) and St Stephens Basilica (closed for a concert) to settled in for a relaxing film night, complete with pizza. Yum :)

As always, onwards and outwards!

Katie x

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