Sunday, 8 August 2010

We came, we saw, we didn't quite conquer!!!

Today we visited Pomaz; a small, pretty town only a 30 minute train journey from Budapest. Well it would have been if we hadn't missed our stop! We quickly realised our mistake and got off at the next station, walked across the train tracks to the other side and returned on the next train! All worked out fine as Gemma guided us up the hill towards the fruit picking farm (challenge 16). The weather was gorgeous and after some of us stopped for another round of ice cream we continued up the hill. However after nearly 2km and not having found the fruit picking farm entrance (could only see lines and lines of trees behind a fence) we turned around and headed for the train station. So you could say the morning was unproductive, however I now have a tan line (something I've wanted since the beginning of the trip) even though it is in the shape of a necker!

After enjoying our tortilla wraps for lunch we headed to the Szechenyi baths (via metro as our feet were a little bit tired!) which were really relaxing way to complete final challenge number 17. In my opinion the best part was pool hopping between different temperature pools. According to the guide book, the thermally heated water around Budapest reaches 75 centigrade at surface level. The water is then cooled down to different temperatures, the hottest being 40 centigrade! We all enjoyed challenging ourselves to go from the hottest pools into the 20 centigrade plunge pool, which was freezing! After much confusion with the man booking us in to have massages (he ultimately gave us eight massages for the price of seven and booked two massages to be with the same masseuse at the same time). I think that the experience was interesting for everyone, but we all came out feeling refreshed! I found it funny trying to explain to the masseuse via sign language why I had such tense shoulders from two weeks of carrying a large rucksack! After another quick dip outdoors we headed off to an Italian restaurant for our last evening meal abroad together! Jennifer wrote down a list of our funny quotes from the trip, which was a good way of reflecting over what we've done so far!


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