Saturday, 31 July 2010

Catacombes and Pretzels, Cathedrals and Schnitzels, these are a few of our favourite things....

My turn to tell you about today! Personally it wasn’t a great start to the day, despite having the best night’s sleep and the best shower so far! I used the computers in the hostel lobby to find a map of Budapest, then the printer died. Meanwhile in the second floor kitchen Jennifer discovered that our milk had been stolen from the fridge, which was incredibly frustrating. Jennifer, Amy and Katie went to the supermarket to replace it (and to buy lunch), where they were told that they couldn’t pay by card! All in all this meant that we arrived at Westbahnoff train station with minutes to spare before our train to Salzburg.

While on the train to Salzburg everyone contributed to writing our nomination poems for Best Actress and best supporting actress. We had a total of 50 words per nomination:

“Award Entry for 2.5 Best Actress in a lead role – ICELAND MUDDLES"

Ode to Gemma
There’s a person we love who’s super cool,
But she’s one of us, it’s not like school.
She's pretty, clever and also witty,
And she's guided us round some lovely cities.
An organiser right from the start,
Taking our views she captured our hearts.

G regarious
E nergetic
M alleable
M uddle-loving
A dventurous

Award entry 2.6 Best Supporting Actress – ICELAND MUDDLES

Lizz Willott

There was a girl called Lizz,
She was an itinerary whizz
She planned and she planned,
And got us free trams,
And saved us from many a tizz.

Lizz is our supporting actress as she was super organised in planning, wrote to companies and gained weight for our segway tour.”

On arrival in Salzburg we had a good look around the old town, across the river. First stop was the catacombs in the hillside. The view from the top of the steps was amazing and we had several group photos with Peggy and the world flag. We also visited the cathedral which had 5 separate organs (which I think is quite unusual!)! Several of us bought a marzipan and chocolate pretzel which was very yummy!

While everyone was in the tourist information we ran into another stampede group! For me, the highlight was eating at ‘The Faithful Monkey’ in the evening, where our waiter was called Alex. This was highly disappointing to us as we had planned to name our tacky five Euro souvenir after our German waiter. We still called him Alex!

Lydia :-)

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