Thursday, 29 July 2010

Masses of transport methods in Copenhagen

Ahhhh... a nice relaxing lie in! 8:30am... you can see how this trip is going to continue already! After waking up most of us remembered our rather abrupt awakening at about 2am by a murderous scream.... it turns out that lack of sleep causes nightmares! We had a leisurely few hours of getting our things together and making some breakfast. We made our way out at about 10:30 going past our favourite Danish bakery, picking up some bread for our picnic tea on route. We then caught the bus into town, and from there got onto the City Cirkel bus that took us all around Copenhagen. We saw the sights and Jennifer pointed out all the important landmarks. There were so many people on bikes, which I thought was really great, and being on an electric bus while seeing this made me realise how eco-friendly Copenhgen was compared to our capital city. We hopped off the bus at Rosenburg Castle, and walked through the park at the front. The Castle looked like something out of a fairytale, turrets included! We had a look around the inside - similarly preserved to many of the British National Trust properties - it was beautifully decorated, fit for the Kings and Queens that resided there. We were about to go down to the treasury to look at the Crown Jewels when one of the guards insisted that everyone moved away from the castle and sat on the grass. The alarm in the treasury had been set off! We all speculated over potential thefts and got excited about witnessing such an event... but in the end the alarms had been set off due to too much noise! We finally were allowed into the treasury and the crown jewels were spectacular! It was every girls dream… enough jewellery for something different every day of the year…. And that was excluding evening wear! We eventually left and wondered down into the main city centre and found a nice looking restaurant for lunch, Le PrĂ©sident. After a huge amount of food we made our way up the round tower, a viewpoint across Copenhagen, 36 metres high. On the inside was a never-ending ramp, continuing for over 200 metres if you walked up the outside, however just over 80 if you walked on the inside. The Danes on the train had told us it was because the King refused to walk up and always rode his horse to the top, the guide book however said it was to transport telescopes to the top when it was an observatory. The views were spectacular, we could see all the places we’d already visited plus every castle, palace, cathedral and church in sight stretching out for miles and miles. We walked to the Hans Christian Anderson museum where we leant about his life and got to read many of his tales, unfortunately most of which had sad endings. It was something fun that brought us all back to our childhoods. We then made the decision to explore Copenhagen in as many ways as possible in the short time we had there, so we caught the City Cirkel bus down to the harbour where we waited in the pouring rain for the harbour bus. We were thankful when it finally arrived, especially when we realised it was under cover! We got to see the few remaining landmarks we hadn’t yet explored including Christianhavn, the Library, and Opera, and once we’d made a circle of the harbour on the bus we jumped off and made our way to the much anticipated Tivoli. Here we were to ride the oldest roller coaster in the world! We got in, rushed to it and…. it was shut! The only ride that wasn’t operating due to the rain was the one we wanted to go on, typically! But in true guiding spirit we didn’t let it get us down and found another slightly more modern and slightly scarier roller coaster. We also went to find the little mermaid stature and said hello to her in our own special way!

We were all knackered by this point but still made time for our picnic tea in the park. Eventually, now very full, we wandered to the bus stop and made our way back to the hostel, knowing that in a few hours we would be leaving this beautiful city and be waiting for the metro to the airport for Vienna. Overall a really lovely jam-packed day, in a beautiful city. So much to take in, so little time!

That’s all for now!

Rachel xoxo

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  1. You guys sound like you're having a fantastic time- I have to admit to being somewhat jealous!
    I can't wait to hear more about your adventures, and good luck with the rest of your challenges!
    Tia x