Monday, 26 July 2010

Less than 24 hours!

Well it's less than 24 hours now - this time tomorrow we'll be under the sea heading for Paris!

In Paris we'll be having lunch at the British Embassy with all the other stampede teams (a chance to show off our wonderful rainbow hoodies and polos too!) and hopefully we'll also be able to see some of the other sites of Paris before heading off on our longest leg of the journey - Paris to Copenhagen via train...

Several months of planning finally come into fruition tomorrow. Everyone has put so much work into choosing hostels, thinking about meals and transport and making country plans, fingers crossed it will all go to plan...

We hope to update this blog where and when we can so keep checking back.

Bon Vogage! (or are you meant to say that to us?)


  1. Good luck all, have a safe and fun trip! Enjoy! P-J x

  2. Good luck :) Hope you meet some wonderful people!