Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The dos and don'ts of map reading...

As part of their Out and About badge, 4th Taunton (Holway) Brownies taught Peggy how to map read. Before they left the meeting place everyone was given two copies of a map - one your typical street map version, and the other an aerial photo of the area. The Brownies quickly found the school on the aerial photo and then compared to the street map to see what road it was on. Off they went on a walk, learning the Green Cross Code on the way. Peggy found it quite hard when the Brownie leading the walk changed (as they all took turns) because often it can be complicated moving from one to another. They had to regroup and look at points they could see on the map to identify where they were. The Brownies found the aerial map a lot easier to use, as you can look at landmarks such as trees and bus stops and buildings to locate where you are - in England you can easily get aerial maps on smart phones but how will we cope in Europe when the cost of roaming charges is actually the cost of us getting lost while roaming??

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