Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Having a whale of a time!

Hi guys!
Well what an eventful night! I am so glad that I have been able to have the experience of travelling on an overnight train but I would safely say that I would quite happily not repeat it again!

After a hectic change in Cologne (which even Gem admits stressed her out!) we got on our sleeper train and we got seated in our harry potter style compartments – Gem and Jen in one and the rest of us in the other. Gem and Jen managed to get the first 4 signatures on Laurence (…more about Lawrence later) from some Copenhagiens, whilst some of us stood in front of the windows, wind in our hair, watching the city lights go by (Katie was very nervous that we were going to get limbs chopped off by passing trains/bridges – sorry Katie!). The ‘youngster’ carriage (Gem and Jen just made tutting/afronted sounds at me) got a bit carried away with all the excitement but it was so amusing trying to get changed and ready for bed with 6 of us in a space the size of a large cupboard. However we quickly became very unamused by the uncomfy nature of the seats we were meant to be sleeping in! I do not know how many times I woke up last night, it was definitely too many for me to count! I can remember waking up at 2am with Harriet and Katie and thinking that we had broken down because we kept stopping and starting at Hanover station ( I think) but it turns out that we were changing direction apparently?! At another point, maybe at about 5 or 6am, a man walked into our carriage which resulted in lots of jumping and screaming particularly from Harriet, to which he responded ‘don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s all under control’ which just resulted in lots of confusion, had something not been in control before?. Turns out he was a policy man checking that we weren’t hiding any extras. I don’t think he was expecting the screams that greeted him.

Anyway, on to today. Today we have had a relaxing day so we could rejuvenate ourselves from last night! Jen has been our tour guide so we popped into the tourist information to get our free maps of Copenhagen before heading off to the hostel on the bus. The people are really nice here, demonstrated by the lovely bus driver who told us which bus stop to get off at and also the women who lent out her window to give us directions this afternoon when we couldn’t find the hostel. Also a man at the supermarket stopped to talk to us. I like the fact that lots of people stop to talk to us when we are wearing our guide uniform.

When we got to the Hostel we spotted some guides wearing centenary tops, turns out there are 19 guides and senior section members from Kent area staying here for two weeks and there is also a scout hut right next door to the hostel! We are hoping that we can catch some Denmarkish scouts going in or out at some point.

This afternoon after the supermarket we decided to go swimming, just round the corner from here as we were all really hot! It was amazing! It had slides and floats and flippers and it was just generally cool! I’m pretty sure we all felt like kids again!

Amy, Rachel and Jen just cooked pasta salad for dinner. I had seconds (big deal for me! I have to think about those segways!) so it must have been good! I think we are just having a relax from now on and gonna have an early night. Amy is eating the epic danish pastry that her, Harriet and Rachel bought earlier ( I had one too! A Danish pastry in Denmark- Amazing!), Gem and Jen are sorting finance stuff and Lydia and Katie are postcarding and diarying. Harriet is already in PJ’s (its 8.30pm).

I hope that was too muddled, I’m sure it isn’t as fluent as Jens!
Ta ra for now,
Lizz xxx

P.S I hear that is a year today since we said goodbye to all our Roverway friends at the closing ceremony! Can’t believe it has been so long!

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